Wardi Sanusi, a keen gardener and regular guest of our club, came up with a novel idea on how to raise funds for the club whilst utilizing the heaps of unripened tomatoes from his vegetable patch.

The weather this year hasn’t exactly been kind for ripening the fruits and vegetables in our allotments and gardens, and it would certainly be criminal to ignore the heaps of green tomatoes available. So, following an old recipe from the WI on making green tomato chutney, Wardi made a total of 25 jars of chutney which went on sale at the club.

Thanks are also due to Diane Metcalfe, Don Davis and Paul Surma for contribution of extra jars, tomatoes and cooking apples.

Over £50 was raised from the sale of the chutneys as well as the fresh cooking apples. All proceeds from the sale went into the club's building fund.

If you would like to make your own green tomato chutney, here’s the recipe:

• 4 pounds green tomatoes
• 2 pints vinegar of your choice
• 1 pound raisins
• 2 pounds soft brown sugar
• 2 pounds small onions or shallots
• 2 tablespoons ground ginger
• 3-4 cooking apples
• 6 red chillies

Finely chop tomatoes, apples and onions. Boil all ingredients until the “right” consistency. Remove chillies before bottling. Simple!!!

If you have any fundraising ideas, please share them with us via our Contact Us Form.